The Cape Cool


I’ve never really liked capes, there’s never anywhere to put your hands, they just kind of flop limply¬†out of their slits in front of you, but then i see Alex Chung wearing a Burberry one and its like ‘i gotta have that cape’ they look so crazy cool, well Alexa can make anything look cool, but anyway in our Lila Shop at the moment we have a 1960’s Khaki one by Gloverall, Khaki being that fabulous colour that red heads always look amazing in and its also having a moment right now this season. so check it out in our Etsy shop,




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Autumn, we hear ya!

Autumn has never been my favourite time of the year but this year it fell in my favour, The rust colours everywhere this season mixed with camel is a pretty nice combo and it just happens to go well with my hair colour. So its a win win situation.

This Camel coat is a 1970’s Aquascutum find made with pure camel hair, The autumn leaves print full skirt drapes perfectly and is a vintage 1980’s design by no other than Mulberry and 1970’s rust sandals.¬†All available to purchase from my Lila Vintage Shop on Etsy.

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